Paul WInkworth
A beautifully true engagement with the world.
It made me think of photography as intimacy...
Your Ann Arbor clients(non-registered)
Hello Dr. Mayo:

Let us be the first to comment on your photo-shoot of the trip you just made to Yellowstone. These photos are phenomenal! It's good to see that this National Park still looks so pristine and pure. Your photography brings to us the precious wildlife that most of us will never see in person. Your photography passion is our reward.
Brenda Midolo(non-registered)
Jim, I love the cigar smoking ladies in Cuba
Charles & Brenda Midolo(non-registered)
Jim;; your pics are the best!!!!!!
Jim, Great job on the Cuba Pics, what a beautiful country don't you think?. Hope you enjoyed you visit...
Tom and Kathy Messner(non-registered)
We loved your recent photographs of Cuba. Since we will never see these images in person it was a joy to see such vivid likenesses and creativity of your subjects. Now to add some of these to your 2016 calendar! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with the world.
Liz Rylan(non-registered)
Jim, your photos of CUBA really capture the essence of the people and life there! So very well done. A joy to see these images.
My step-dad was into civil war re-enactment and he would have loved these photos. He passed away in 2001.
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