1111 Pictures

A 75 Year Retrospective


This collection of photos represents 75 years of my life  taken by my mother and myself.  My mother was an elementary and high school teacher, but she also loved taking pictures.  Her work is remarkable since she never took a photography class and worked with 35 mm slides.   Like my mother I had a regular job through much of my life as a doctor.  This gave me the income to travel and pursue a second career as a nature and travel photographer.   Like my mother I loved traveling and photography.  Unlike my mother I took courses in photography and learned how to manipulate photos digitally.

As a youngster I was fascinated by time travel.  In my photography I think you will see how much of it deals with the past, going back to the American Civil War.  I have lived in Gettysburg and West Point and am fascinated by soldiers.  My favorite artist is Andrew Wyeth who also grew up imagining soldiers of the past.  I think you will find a bit of the drama of N.C Wyeth and the composition of Andrew Wyeth in my work. I hope you enjoy my visions.


Dr. James Mayo